Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

online exhibitions ... german 50s fashion

While I´m preparing myself for a birthday party, you can visit these two wonderful german sites...
The first one is called "Wirtschaftswundermuseum", that means "economic miracle"...In the early 50s the german "economic miracle" began. You can see many old commercials, most of them scream:" Hurry up, all women back to the kitchen!"
This picture says these domestic appliances are the dream of every bride...times have changed :-)

´s a commerical from a catalog company from 1954:

I wish Neckermann would reproduce these stunning suits and dresses...*swoon*

The other site is an adorable collection of old fashion magazines from 1950 - 1961!
These pictures are from the "Herbst/Winter 1954"section...Fall/winter fashion ;-)

...and while you get inspired by these amazing fashion pictures, I use Cyndi Lauper and the early Madonna for my inspiration...It´s a 80s theme party...Miss Pink Plastic and her boyfriend changed the theme...The first theme was "50s/60s Las Vegas"...I would prefer that ;-)

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